Custom Instrumentation Solutions for Scientific and Engineering Challenges

Data Acquisition, Control, and Laboratory Automation

Data Acquisition and Control suited to the application:

  • High speed data capture:  for some, "fast" may mean gigahertz.  For a botanist, it may mean 1 Hz or less.  (For a geologist, that's yet another regime.)  The IDL has worked with the entire range.
  • Precision data:  up to ppm precision or very high speed means attention to cabling, board layout, precision amplification and filtering.
  • Acquisition of multiple sources, simultaneously requires attention to amplification, speed, and scaling.
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Sometimes commercial DAQ equipment is employed; at other times, a circuit must be designed.  For example:

  • For an acquisition system for a Force Plate Actometer, a commercial ADC board can be employed with an IDL-designed circuit.
  • A board for cosmic ray detection requires a custom circuit.  A radar signal is split into four frequency bands, and each is digitized at 2 MHz, then transmitted to embedded FPGA logic. 

Lab Automation: Bring the experimental process under automated control.


For example:

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