Custom Instrumentation Solutions for Scientific and Engineering Challenges

Rob Young, MSEE

Senior Electronics Design Engineer
Primary office:
Malott Hall, room 6042
The University of Kansas
1251 Wescoe Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66045



Kansas State University                      Electrical Engineering                    B.S. 1991
Kansas State University                      Electrical Engineering                    M.S. 1993
    Graduate advisor:  Dr. M.S.P. Lucas


The University of Kansas
Instrumentation Design Laboratory

Director, Instrumentation Design Laboratory, 2018 to present

Senior Electronics Design Engineer, 2016-present

Electronics Design Engineer, 2007-2016

            Y.R. Consulting, Lawrence, KS
                                    Owner, 1999-2007

            PC Instruments, Inc., Akron, OH
                                    Design Engineer, 1992-1999

Professional Publications, Patents

  1. “Millimeter-Resolution Mouse Force Tracker,” 2011 Invention Disclosure with Kenneth Ratzlaff, Stephen C. Fowler and George R. Fullen.
  2. “Modular Force Sensor System, Device, and Method for Behavioral Measurement”, United States Patent Number 2017/0049079, with Kenneth Ratzlaff, George R. Fullen and Stephen C. Fowler.
  3. "An efficient and inexpensive refrigerated LC system for H/D exchange mass spectrometry," Am. Soc. for Mass Spec., Submitted 2011 (with Theodore R. Keppel, Martin E. Jacques, Kenneth Ratzlaff and David D. Weis).
  4. “Design and Initial Performance of the Askaryan Radio Array Prototype eeV Neutrino Detector at the South Pole”, Astropart. Phys, 35, 457-477, 2012 (with the ARA Collaboration).
  5. “Updated results from the RICE experiment and future prospects for ultra-high energy neutrino detection at the south pole,” Physical Review D – Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology, 85(6), 062004, 2012 (with I. Kravchenko and co-workers.)
  6. “Design and Deployment of the Askaryan Radio Array South Pole Autonomous Renewable Power Stations,” RE&PQJ, X(11), 2013.
  7. "Design, Modeling and Testing of the Askaryan Radio Array South Pole Autonomous Renewable Power Stations,” NucInstrum. Meth., A763, 521-532, 2014, (D. Besson, et al.).
  8. “Time-domain response of the ARIANNA detector”, Astropart. Phys, 62, 139-151, 2015 (with the ARIANNA collaboration.)
  9. “Design and Performance of the ARIANNA Hexagonal Radio Array Systems”, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 60(2), 612-618, 2013 (with the ARIANNA collaboration.)
  10. “A First Search for Cosmogenic Neutrinos with the ARIANNA Hexagonal Radio Array,” Astropart. Phys., 70, 12-26, 2015 (with the ARIANNA collaboration.)
  11. “Design, Construction and Operation of a Low-Power, Autonomous Radio-Frequency Data-Acquisition Station for the TARA Experiment,” NucInstrum. Meth. A797, 110-120, 2015. (with the TARA collaboration.)
  12. "Design and Performance of the ARIANNA HRA-3 Neutrino Detector Systems,” IEEE Trans. Nuclear Science, 62(5), 2202-2215, 2015 (with the ARIANNA collaboration.)
  13. “First constraints on the ultra-high energy neutrino flux from a prototype station of the Askaryan Radio Array,” Astropart. Phys., 70, 62-80, 2015 (with the ARA collaboration.)
  14. “Performance of two Askaryan Radio Array stations and first results in the search for ultra-high energy neutrinos,” Physical Review D, 93, 082003-1 – 082003-26, 2016.
  15. “Antarctic Surface Reflectivity Measurements from the ANITA-3 and HiCal-1 Experiments,” Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation, 6.2, 2017 (with the ANITA collaboration.)
  16. “Constraints on the Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Flux from the Gamma-Ray Bursts from a Prototype Station of the Askaryan Radio Array,” Astropart. Phys., 88, 7-16, 2017 (with the ARA collaboration).
  17. “Performance of two Askaryan Radio Array stations and first results in the search for ultra-high energy neutrinos,” Phys. Rev. D 93, 082003
  18. “The HiCal-2 Experiment,” in preparation, (with the ANITA collaboration).
  19. “Implementation of a custom time-domain firmware trigger for RADAR-based cosmic ray detection,” in preparation (David Besson, et al.)


  1. Designed components and programmed FPGA for use in unmanned UAV collision avoidance multichannel radar (with Lei Shi, Christopher Allen, UAVradars, NASA).
  2. Designed components of data acquisition system for use with small unmanned aircraft to enhance research into Kalman Filter based autopilot systems (with Shawn Keshmiri, M. Ewing).
  3. Designed components of a multi-channel data acquisition system for observing mating behavior of fruit-flies (with Kenneth Ratzlaff, Jennifer Gleason, and Kaila Colyott).
  4. Designed high frequency filter components and 250MHz data acquisition components for RADAR-based cosmic ray detection (with David Besson, et al.).
  5. Designed components of a NMR spin-speed controller (with Kenneth Ratzlaff and Eric Munson).
  6. Designed components of four channel load cell acquisition system for use in tracking movements of rodents (with Kenneth Ratzlaff and Steve Fowler).
  7. Designed and programming an FPGA-based test system for sub-systems of large Hadron Collider (CMS collaboration, Alice Bean).
  8. Multiple trips to South Pole as part of ARA collaboration to install and commission instrumentation.
  9. Designed and programmed components of the ARA Autonomous Power Generation System (with Kenneth Ratzlaff and David Z. Besson).
  10. Designed and programmed FPGA-based millimeter resolution force sensor for mouse movement tracking during drug and brain physiology studies (with Kenneth Ratzlaff, Stephen Fowler and George R. Fullen).
  11. Designed, programmed and built microprocessor controlled UniBlitz Shutter Sequencer for Michael Johnson (with Kenneth Ratzlaff).
  12. Designed, programmed and built portable instrumentation system to gather real-time pressure maps of feet & footwear while performing sports activities for AcuStep (Salina, KS)
  13. Designed and programmed FPGA based navigation (DME) equipment as part of team for Selex, ES
  14. Designed, programmed and built potentiostat accessories for Cypress Systems (now part of ESA Biosciences, Inc.).
  15. Designed, programmed and built 16-channel potentiostat for rapid testing of glucose monitoring strip, development program at Bayer, for Meat Probes, Inc.
  16. Designed, programmed and built custom pH meters for rapid testing of meat in cold environments for Meat Probes, Inc.
  17. Designed, programmed and built equipment for real-time grading of pork loins, ham shanks and beef primals for Meat Probes, Inc.
  18. Field service and training in the USA and abroad for PC Instruments, Inc. products.
  19. Designed automated calibration stations for high-speed sampling oscilloscopes and arbitrary waveform generators while at PC Instruments, Inc.
  20. Designed, programmed and built 200Gsps sampling oscilloscopes to interface to a PC bus for use in communication equipment testing while at PC Instruments, Inc.


    Woodworking using hand tools and methods from the 19th century and earlier.

    Photography, particularly black & white film photography and darkroom work.

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